What is Crowded Theatre?

What if you could watch any movie you choose at your favorite theater?  Better yet, what if you could watch that movie with a few hundred other movie lovers?  Welcome to Crowded Theatre, screening your favorite movies at your favorite cinemas.

Hang on tight. Here’s how it works:

  1. You suggest movies you’d like to see.
  2. You vote among the suggestions.
  3. You commit to buy tickets to the show (just go through checkout).
  4. You tell your friends to go to the show with you.
  5. Once enough people purchase tickets, it’s on!
  6. Show up alongside a few hundred new, movie-loving friends to watch a favorite film on the big screen.

Tipping Point

If enough people buy tickets, the screening is on! We’ll ask that you enter your payment information to hold your seat. But, you won’t be charged until the tipping point is reached. Once the required number of tickets have been sold, your payment is processed, and you’ll be emailed a link to your tickets. If we don’t reach the tipping point, your card is not charged, and we start over again with another movie.

You’re not on the hook if the show doesn’t reach the tipping point, but you’re also in charge of making sure it tips! Spread the word about the movie so we can all get to see it! The more the merrier. And, the sooner the tipping point is reached, the better.