I want Crowded Theatre!

Repertory can be tough.

We’ve all been there. A customer walks up and says, “You should show _____! It’s my favorite!” Let’s say it’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. And then when you do show Ferris, maybe a dozen or so folks show up. *sigh*

Crowded Theatre helps to put more butts in seats for repertory screenings.

Here’s how:

First, we let folks tell us what they want to see.

Then we have them vote from among their suggestions.

Finally, the winner goes up for screening, but the show isn’t officially on until a minimum number of tickets sell (we call that the “Tipping Point”).

It’s group buying for repertory. And it works!

We’ve been running this program in Boise for 5 years, and we routinely have an audience of 450 (and up to 700) showing movies like The Princess Bride, Back to the Future, Bladerunner, Top Gun, Casablanca…whatever people ask for.

These movies have an audience in waiting. The trick is getting folks off their couch and into your lobby.

The Suggest/Vote/Tip model does that by getting folks to participate in the movie selection. They have ownership in the screening, so they show up for it, and buy tickets early.

So, instead of sending a limp noodle message of, “Hey, we’re showing Ferris next month,” you get people involved by saying, “We’ll show Ferris but only if you and your friends all come!” And then, “What will win the vote for next month’s show?”

People LOVE to share what their favorite movie is! We turn love that into attendance.

We’ve done the Crowded Theatre program in 4 cities so far (Portland, Albany, Boise, and Idaho Falls), and we’ve had multiple sellout crowds. Sometimes it takes off right away; sometimes it takes a few months to get a up to speed. But it works!

A few nuts and bolts:

We handle payments, promotion and ticketing; you put on the show.

We’ll take a portion of ticket sales with no base fee, so we don’t make money until you do.

It’s risk free (and good ol’ plain free) to try. There’s no term commitment. If you don’t like Crowded Theatre, you can stop any time.

So give Crowded Theatre a shot! We can have a vote up and running for your theater in no time.

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