Current Movie: Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Sept. 12

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  • Friday, September 12, at 7:30PM
  • 4122 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97212
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Tickets remain at the Hollywood Theatre box office and online here.

For one night only on Friday, September 12, at 7:30PM, Steven Spielberg’s 1977 sci-fi classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, will screen at the Hollywood Theatre.

Your votes were counted, and there would be no rugged archeologists or cloned dinosaurs for this lot. No! Aliens are on the brain of the Hollywood faithful. And so aliens you shall have.

Never seen Close Encounters?  Here’s the skinny:

Planes reported missing in 1945 suddenly appear in the Mojave desert. A commercial flight is buzzed by a ‘bright’ object that the pilot ‘wouldn’t know how to describe’. Roy Neary, while working one night, has a Close Encounter… The US Government determine where the visitors plan to land and create an elaborate cover-up to keep people away. However, a group of people, including Neary, share a vision which draws them to the place and a meeting with new, and old, friends. – from IMDB

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A true classic in every sense, the historic Hollywood Theatre is being renovated and even improved as the years reel on. If only the people who were here for the Theatre’s Prohibition-era silent film premiere in 1926 could see it now. Their jaws would drop (and so might their beer). Fabulous new features: Beautiful new marquee designed after the original 1926 marquee New 50-ft. screen i... Read More.

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  1. An early Spielberg flick on the big screen!
  2. Beer & wine
  3. Portland's finest popcorn

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