I want Crowded Theatre!

We’ve all been there.

Patrons tell us, “You should show X! It’s my absolute favorite!” And then when you do show X, no one shows up. *sigh*

Well, what if your theater wouldn’t show X until enough folks committed to come to the screening? And what if folks were asked to vote on which “X” movie they wanted to see in the first place?

That’s what we do:

Crowded Theatre helps your audience promote repertory screenings to boost attendance and engagement.

Anyone can add a movie like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to their lineup. But attendance can be a little thin when your only promotional chorus is, “Hey, we’re showing Ferris!” Nothing really compels them to commit to show up.

But with CT, your song changes to, “We’ll show Ferris, but only if you and your friends all come.” Now the ball is in their court. Not only are they encouraged to buy advanced tickets, but they’re motivated to encourage others to do the same. If their friends don’t go, they don’t get to go either.

“This is OUR theater”

Not only does your audience have a sense of urgency to promote ticket sales, but also they have a sense of ownership in the screening…and in the theater itself.

They suggested the movie, they voted for the movie, they promoted the movie to their friends, and because of them, it’s showing at your theater. They have ownership of the screening; they have ownership of what shows at your theater. Try getting customers to feel that way about the megaplex.

You’re the brand

Now, you run a killer program, no doubt about that. CT doesn’t replace your programmer. Instead, we put more eyes in front of your program lineup, and give folks a kinship with the theater that will boost your program, not distract from it.

At the end of the day, no one cares about “Crowded Theatre.” They care about, “The Majestic,” or “The Egyptian,” or “The Hollywood.” Audiences identify with your theater, not with CT. We’re here to build your theater’s brand with your audience.

Our brand is aimed at you, the theater owner. We aim to boost your theater’s brand to your audience.

Attract new customers

Yes, we build a list of attendees to the show. But we share that list with you (and only you). We’re not competing with you, we’re helping to build your audience.

What’s the catch?

Nothing too scary. We take a cut from ticket sales, so we don’t make anything until you make something. There’s no term obligation; if you want out, no sweat.

Give Crowded Theatre a shot

Want to try Crowded Theatre at your theater? Drop us a line if you’re ready to go, or if  you have any questions for us.


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